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Let’s explore the mindset of successful podcasters. What separates a great podcast from all the others? Why are some podcasters able to maintain a loyal following while others struggle? 

Dylan Schmidt is breaking down the 5 big characteristics of a successful podcast. From passion and engagement to consistency and professionalism, these tips will not only help you take your podcast to the next level...they will help you have a better understanding of your audience. 

Listen in to learn how you can start applying these mindset tips today! 

In the episode you'll hear: 

  • How to show up with more enthusiasm for your audience. 
  • Why consistency is more than just publishing regularly. 
  • Ways you can build a deeper level of trust with your audience. 
  • What your audience is thinking when a podcaster isn’t consistent. 
  • How you can stand out in a crowded category or niche. 


Digital Podcaster with Dylan Schmidt Episode 86: The Mindset Behind Successful Podcasters 

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This is the show for creative entrepreneurs who have a message to share and want to live a life of freedom. Learn how to grow your network and net worth. Hear from exciting guests, and more. My name is Dylan Schmidt and Welcome to Digital Podcaster. Looking into the mindset of podcasters, I believe there are five big characteristics that make up a successful podcaster. I'm going to break it down, all in this episode. So number one, straight off the bat, I believe podcasters who are successful, are passionate about the subject that they're talking about. It doesn't matter what they're talking about. through osmosis, it becomes clear to the audience that the host is they don't even have to be an expert on the subject matter. They just have a passion for the subject matter. Number two, I would say successful podcasters are engaged in the subject, but they're also engaging to the audience. They know how to keep listeners hooked by telling stories, or cracking jokes or sharing personal experiences, they have an ability to make the listener feel like they're a part of the conversation. The listener isn't just a passive observer in the episode, and number three is prepared. So preparation is a key for any successful content strategy. But especially for podcasts, when you study these top podcasters, you can see they have a confidence that is translated, and the confidence comes from being prepared. Now preparation looks different for everybody, right, we all have our own way of getting prepared. When the host is prepared. It's just a much better listening experience. But it's also a better hosting experience because you enter in with another level of confidence. And number four professionals podcasts are casual in nature, but the most successful ones still maintain a certain level of professionalism, right, they have high quality audio, for the most part, they edit out parts that they know their audience doesn't maybe need to hear it doesn't enhance what they're trying to get across. They just take a certain care into what their product is, which is the podcast episode. And that's translated to the audience, even those details right of editing, it starts to build more trust, and it shows respect for the audience's time, that level of professionalism. Even if it's a comedy podcast, even no matter what kind of podcast it is, right? Number five, I'd say consistent, successful podcasters are consistent in both quality, they maintain a certain level of quality. But they also have a consistent release schedule. Even if they're not releasing on the same exact day, every week a lot are or they have some type of schedule they're doing. They let their listeners know when to expect a new episode to be released. And you'll see in a lot of more amateur podcasts. It's sporadic. There's no prior warning. And you know what the listener doesn't know what to expect. So they lose interest and they move on, or they forget about it. But you'll notice that with professional, successful podcasters they all stick to a regular schedule and their fans, the audience us knows when to expect new episodes, that makes a difference because we know how to fit it into our lives. If you've listened to Digital Podcaster before, I've mentioned plenty of times how podcast listeners are ritualistic in the sense that they fit an episode into the lives and it just works right when you like a podcast, you stick with it. You grow with it, essentially. And the podcast host grows with the audience too. It's not like a one way street there. Those are the main five characteristics when it comes to the mindset of successful podcasters. If you didn't know today is actually international podcast day. What I did last year for international podcast day is I made a post on Instagram and it was one of those carousel posts where you swipe through and on one of the slides I think it was like slide seven or something I put a Starbucks gift card on there for like 100 bucks. Part of me was worried that someone would just spend it all at once. But it took a while it took me like more than a month I think to get it down to zero like people using it. It was cool to see people using it and then tag me in photos. I don't have a Starbucks gift card that I posted today but I have released a really cool four day free mini course on podcasting and social media. I think you're gonna find it valuable. I put together what I know about social media and podcasting and a simple to follow training that's bite sized similar to how these podcasts had been lately and you can get that by just visiting the episode description below and signing up for this free four day social media for podcasting course. Hope to see you inside that but for now, Happy International podcast day and I will see you in the next episode.