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Knowing how frequently your podcast is releasing new episodes is an essential part to any podcasting growth strategy


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Knowing how frequently your podcast is releasing new episodes is an essential part to any podcasting growth strategy. In this episode, I’m sharing why I’m moving Digital Podcaster from two episodes per week, to one…and why this will not only help me add more value inside each episode but give me time to create even more podcast episodes. Confused? Listen to today’s episode to find out what I mean!

Also in this episode, you’ll learn:

• The role of consistency in your release schedule, and how having a schedule maintains your sanity.

• How you can be mindful of your own approach to podcasting by asking simple questions.

• Ways to give yourself more time to focus on what you feel called to do, and avoid burnout in the process.

• And much more…


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00:11 - Digital Podcaster Introduction

00:28 - Episode Introduction

01:01 - The Goal of This Episode

03:09 - Why I’m Switching to One Episode Per Week

04:28 - What I’m Working On

09:05 - Rate Digital Podcaster

09:38 - Staying Flexible

10:24 - Asking Yourself Why & Next Steps



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Once every quarter at least just examining ask yourself. Why am I doing that? Why are we releasing episodes the way we're releasing them? Why are we having these types of guests on our podcast? Is there a way we can optimize this? This is the show for creative entrepreneurs who have a message to share and want to live a life of freedom Learn how to grow your network and net worth here from exciting guests and more My name is Dylan Schmidt and welcome to Digital Podcaster Who doesn't love a good update episode those are always fun. I don't do nearly enough of them. I'll be honest I don't do nearly enough sharing behind the scenes as I probably should be doing with digital podcasters So if you'd like to see more of that or hear more of that, please let me know and I'll do more episodes like this Because at the end of the day, I'm trying to add value And if me sharing certain things about my business or my podcast are helpful for you. Let me know so If you didn't see the title of this episode is why I'm switching to releasing one episode per week My goal here in this episode is to share with you why? Yes, why I'm switching to releasing one episode per week because we want to stay consistent with our podcast But in order to do that We've got to have some type of schedule because our schedule dictates when we release episodes, right? also because people will look at what I'm doing and then either do it without asking me or or ask me why I'm doing it. So I wanna have some type of reference point to point them to of like, "Hey, this is why I do one episode per week." So if you're coming here because we chatted and I recommended you listen to this episode, hey, you actually followed the link I sent you. So I have been doing two podcast episodes for, I don't know when I started it. I think it might've been last summer, maybe, summer of 2022. And then just last week, I switched to doing one episode. Previously, I was doing every Tuesday and Friday, a brand new episode. Now, for this time being, I'm just doing Tuesdays. And I wanna explain why, because I think there is some gold for both of us here. So I'll tell you what, first right off the bat, last week, releasing one episode was really weird for me. It was hard. I have never missed an episode. I've never done that, and I never will. But knowing, and even intentionally switching to just one episode per week, I felt like I had more time, which was my goal here, which I'll talk about here in a second. And it was weird. So I just was like, I feel like I'm supposed to be doing something. Now I send out my podcasting newsletter still every Tuesday and Friday. That's not changing. I still do pretty much everything just like I've been doing it, which is the podcast. It goes up on YouTube. It goes up, I upload through Buzzsprout. It goes out everywhere. And then I make social media videos. I got the email going. I have my podcast academy program. A couple of weeks ago, we just had, it was beginning of the month, so we had a free podcast workshop that we did. That one was all about video podcasting, but it is kind of comical to me. Like in my mind, it just kind of like, I laughed to myself, the idea of switching to one episode per week, I felt like I'm taking a freaking vacation. So why am I switching to one episode per week? It is to free up time. It's not to take a vacation because I don't need a vacation. I'm doing fine. No, like really I'm doing fine. And I'm not trying to like free up time in the sense that I need like free time or something like that. I have some big aspirations and some things I wanna work on. There's only so many hours in the day and I need to transfer some of those hours to something else. Mainly those being another podcast. Like I have two whole new show ideas that I really wanna implement. And then I have a book idea that I really wanna implement. And I still have content clips, which is my podcast repurposing service. We take podcast episodes and other video and turn them into clips. Like that business is growing. Podcast Academy is growing. I want to continually improve on that stuff. I have all this stuff I wanna do. And I kind of like looked at it. I was like, all right, I'm increasing the value on these digital podcaster episodes. If you've seen the YouTube versions, you've seen that like things have gotten a little bit more dialed in. If you've been to digital, you can see my new website for digital podcaster. I wonder how many times I say podcast in an episode, that would be interesting to know. And I'm like making all of these improvements. And I still am like, I want to increase the quality, but also have quality on these two new shows that I want to do. So one of them, and I'm, this is just absolutely an idea at this time, but it's something about, because I love experimenting. If you've been with me for a minute, you know that I have like, I'm always experimenting. I'm always trying new things, trying to just learn, whether it's podcasts, whether it's social media accounts, marketing things, sales things, all these things. I'm always experimenting and growing and learning and trying to be on the cutting edge and just kind of seeing what's out there. I wanna talk about technology and marketing and kind of more lifestyle, a little bit of pop culture stuff and feature different people on that. That wouldn't fit under the digital podcaster kind of an umbrella because this podcast specifically for helping people become better podcast hosts. I look at it through the lens of everything that is on this show is all through the lens of like, will this help someone become a better podcast host? The answer is yes. It goes up. The answer is no, it doesn't go up. And that's my barometer, right? Is it valuable? And that's, that's the second one, but that's like a no brainer at this point. I want everything to be valuable that I give to you. So this other podcast is more, just a little bit more broad subject and it just wouldn't fit under digital podcaster. So that's an idea. very conceptual stages. There's another podcast I want to do called content for creators. Already, we've got the website, already, we've got the show art going, but it's more of a seasonal podcast. And it's more of a story based podcast. It's not just like interviews. I want to do it in around eight to 10 episodes. And I want to feature around 30 different creators. And instead of it just being like one interview per episode, where I just talked to someone about like one their domain of expertise. I want to weave in stories of like the why the how the where the what all that kind of stuff, but all around content creation. And inside each episode, you'll hear a lot of different clips, and me essentially doing like a story around creating content, like, why do you do this? And how do you do this? To me, that's really exciting. But it's different than anything I've heard around the subject. To me, I look at it more of like an an NPR style podcast. I think it's like this American life. That's called content for creators. That is something very real and working towards. I'm used to doing stuff fast and I wanna make this right. And so I'm looking at like a summer to possibly even a fall launch date for this because I really wanna make it right. And I just need some space to free up the creativity. And then the third thing I'll just mention here because it's all related is a book idea that I have called mindful creator. Some of the stuff I'm like talking about, it might not actually come to fruition. This is one of those things that, I don't know if it's right now, but just kind of letting it develop more and more. It still feels way early to talk about this. The idea is mindful creator. It's all about bringing mindfulness to creating content and podcasting falls under that umbrella. And I think that there is some overlap of what I would talk about in that book. I already have like a table of contents, a book outline going, and I really wanna do that because I think it would be helpful. And it would be, you know, part memoir. Did I say that right? Part memoir, part manual, if that makes sense. Also, I don't know if I've ever seen that said either before 50% memoir, I can't say that word right now, 50% manual. I want it to be how to, but also how to be. Just because like the mindset stuff to me is so valuable and oftentimes more important than the actual strategy of posting. It's not just like a just post and don't be attached to the outcome. I wanna really deep dive there because I've spent a lot of time on this stuff and it took me a while. Like it's so much got in the way of me just starting Digital Podcaster. And again, that might fall under Digital Podcaster, not saying I'm only doing one episode per week for the rest of eternity, but because this is an ongoing podcast, I need to adjust it with my lifestyle and goals. And one of those goals is being like, how much content do podcasters need? And I guess like to be fully transparent, not something I've said out loud, but something I've thought about is, you know, do podcasters need two episodes every week? I just don't wanna overload people. So I feel like it's smarter right now to do one episode per week, make them more and more valuable, and then focus on this other stuff. If I wanna switch back to two, I can, but I'm just gonna do one per now because I have heard this before and I don't know who to credit it towards, but the worst thing you can say when someone asks, "Why are you doing it this way?" is, "Because we've always done it this way." If you've listened to Digital Podcaster more than once and you're enjoying the episodes, you've probably noticed that I don't have ads where I try and sell you something. The reason for that is because I'm just simply trying to share tools and strategies that will help you become a better podcaster. If you're a repeat listener, all I ask is that you help the show by taking 30 seconds and leaving a quick rating and review at It really only takes 30 seconds, helps the show out, and it would mean the world to me. All you have to do is go to Thank you so much for listening. Taking a quick moment to do that. Let's dive back in. So I say all this because I'm giving myself permission and I wanna make sure that you give yourself permission the same, is if you ever need to change things up, you change things up, not feel like you had to do it a certain way because why? Because you've just always done them that way. That's not a great way to approach podcasting. It's not a great way to approach your mental health. And not saying everyone needs to switch to one episode per week or two episodes per week or every day, but figuring out what works for you. That's a lot of problems I have with just podcasting or any advice in general is, it's not always one size fits all. It's about discovering what works for you. And I say that because very soon I could switch back to two episodes, but I know that I'll be asked, why am I only switched to one episode per week? And this is the answer I would like to give you. So I think it's super important about every once every quarter, at least just examining, ask yourself, why am I doing that? Why are we releasing episodes the way we're releasing them? Is there a way we can optimize this? Why are we having these types of guests on our podcast? Why are we publishing these social media clips? Why are we having a podcast newsletter, all of this stuff, just asking yourself why is such an underrated way to grow your whole podcast and optimize your schedule and avoid the burnout that can happen. So I hope this helped. If it was, please let me know. Feel free to send me a message on Instagram at digital podcaster. I love chatting there. That's all I got for you this week. I will talk to you next week.